Psychological assessment is a process of understanding the nature of an issue and determining the best way to address it though the use of a formal interview and standardized psychological tests. Campanula Psychological Services offers the following types of assessments for adults (18 and over):

Personality Assessment

Personality assessments typically focus on clarifying the diagnosis of mental health challenges and identifying contributing factors, leading to more realistic and achievable treatment and recovery goals. This type of assessment can be especially helpful for individuals whose mood or anxiety disorders have only partially improved with standard treatments. Personality testing can also help clarify the nature of persistent or repetitive challenges such as interpersonal problems or struggles with motivation, and can provide valuable guidance in life and career planning. Individuals seeking insight for the purpose of personal growth may find answers and inspiration in the results of a personality assessment.

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessment is the measurement of various mental processes such as memory, reasoning, problem solving ability and verbal skills.  Tests of cognitive functioning can be used for screening for dementia, brain injury and other neurocognitive disorders and may provide a first step before investing in full neuropsychological or neurological assessment. Campanula is currently offering assessment of memory and dementia screening (memory and verbal fluency). Other types of cognitive assessment may be available on request.

Campanula Psychological Services offers 30 minute consultations free of charge. Book a consultation for an opportunity to discuss your needs and determine your comfort level with the virtual environment, or contact with questions or comments.